Article Spinning

Article Spinning is the process of creating new, unique content from existing articles.


Article Spinning is a search engine optimization strategy involving the creation of new content by reworking existing articles. This is usually done through the use of automated software that replaces words or phrases with synonyms to create content that is different enough to avoid duplicate content penalties from search engines but similar enough to the original to maintain the same meaning and relevance.

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Usage and Context

Article Spinning is used predominantly in content marketing and SEO. It's a strategy used to generate a large volume of content quickly and inexpensively. However, its usage is controversial due to the risk of creating low-quality, unnatural sounding content if not done carefully.


  1. What is article spinning in SEO?

    • In SEO, article spinning is a technique of content creation where an existing article is reworked, often using software, to create new and unique content.
  2. How does article spinning work?

    • Article spinning works by replacing words or phrases in an existing article with synonyms or rephrased sentences. This is often done using software, which can generate a new article quickly.
  3. Is article spinning good for SEO?

    • While article spinning can help generate a lot of content quickly, it can result in low-quality content if not done carefully. High-quality, original content is always better for SEO.
  4. What's the difference between article spinning and rewriting?

    • Article spinning often involves the use of software and can result in content that sounds unnatural or doesn't make sense. Rewriting, on the other hand, usually involves a human writer rephrasing and reworking the content, which typically results in higher-quality content.
  5. What are the risks of article spinning?

    • The risks of article spinning include producing low-quality content that can harm your SEO efforts and damage your brand's reputation. It can also result in penalties from search engines if the spun content is considered duplicate content.


  1. Content Volume: Enables the rapid generation of a large volume of content, which can be beneficial for content marketing strategies.
  2. Cost Efficiency: Can be a more cost-effective way of generating content compared to hiring writers to create original content from scratch.
  3. Time Saving: Can save time by creating multiple pieces of content quickly, especially when using spinning software.
  4. SEO Strategy: Can potentially improve SEO by avoiding duplicate content penalties, provided the spun content is unique enough.
  5. Versatility: Can be used for a wide range of content types, such as blog posts, articles, or product descriptions.

Tips and Recommendations

  1. Focus on Quality: Always prioritize quality over quantity. Poorly spun content can harm your SEO efforts and damage your brand's reputation.
  2. Use Software Sparingly: While spinning software can save time, it can often result in unnatural sounding content. Use it sparingly and always review and edit the spun content.
  3. Avoid Duplicate Content: Ensure the spun content is unique enough to avoid duplicate content penalties from search engines. Use plagiarism checkers to verify uniqueness.
  4. Combine with Original Content: Consider using article spinning in conjunction with the creation of original content for the best results.
  5. Monitor SEO Performance: Always monitor your SEO performance to ensure that your article spinning strategy is effective and not harming your rankings.


Article spinning can be a valuable tool in content creation and SEO, allowing for the rapid generation of a large volume of content. However, it should be used carefully and sparingly to avoid the risks of low-quality content and duplicate content penalties. For the best SEO results, it's recommended to prioritize original, high-quality content and to use article spinning as a supplementary strategy.